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E-mail. Anywhere. Anytime.

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E-mail. Anywhere. Anytime.

About Us

E-Mol started in 1996 as the brainchild of a handful of university students who wanted a better way to access their e-mail. At the time there were few e-mail clients that allowed users to access their existing e-mail account using a web browser. It was out of this necessity that work on e-Mol began.

The creators of e-Mol knew that development would best be served by a large and diverse group of users, so they negotiated with an Internet service provider to exchange services. On December 12 1997, e-Mol began providing web-based e-mail access to the ISP's customers in exchange for server co-location.

With no promotion other than word-of-mouth advertising, the fledgling project grew at an exponential rate. Individuals, organizations, and Internet service providers from all over the world discovered e-Mol. Features were added on almost a daily basis to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing membership. The simple web-based e-mail system soon became a complete information management system.

For years the e-Mol servers relied on co-location in ISP data centers. With such tremendous growth it became apparent that e-Mol needed its own home and IT staff to support it. In 2001 eXo2.net corp. was formed to provide fully-supported network services for e-Mol.

After several years of success as a free service supported by banner advertising, e-Mol began selling optional premium services to its users. E-Mol now provides services to companies with a need for a web-based information system.

Today, eXo2.net and e-Mol continue to innovate, with new features such as Palm synchronization and secure instant messaging. For over six years, tens of thousands of users and organizations from all over the world have trusted e-Mol to fulfill their e-mail and information needs.


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